Century Fire professionals are pleased to offer consultations on fire protection codes, retrofit, design and more. We will consult with your team in order to plan, design and install a system that is in compliance with all National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes. We’re here to help you.

Contact our experienced staff for advice or for answers to any question about your fire protection needs. If you have received a 180-day notice to comply, we can help put together a plan to present to the Fire Marshal in any jurisdiction.

For Example, We’ll help you comply with NFPA Code 1, which mandates all existing buildings over 75 feet high with interior corridors to have a sprinkler system throughout the building.


As is true with any construction project, a good, well-thought-out design is the key to every sprinkler system. Let the experts at Century create a design that is right for your building, your budget and on time.

Every building has unique needs for fire protection and our experienced design team, approach every project with this in mind. We’ll work with your engineering and/or architecture partners to effect a smooth integration of your fire prevention system with your overall plans.

From schools to medical facilities, from high-rise condos to government buildings, we have the knowledge, experience and tools to design the right system for you.


Century Fire is ready to provide inspections for backflow, fire pumps and the fire sprinkler system as required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Standard No. 25. We can perform all monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual testing required. All deficiencies are noted and followed up with an estimate for the necessary corrections to be in compliance and maintain records for future reference.

Whether your facility is a high-rise building in a large metropolitan area or a single remodeled building, our experienced fire sprinkler technicians can provide all testing & certification forms required by the fire marshal and your insurance carrier.


Over the years, we’ve offer our customers a common-sense approach to each installation, saving time and money. That’s why our field personnel are qualified fire sprinkler technicians who know the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and have a vast installation experience in every type of facility – hospitals, schools, commercial, residential and government buildings, including proper installation of underground piping.

Services & Repair

Service and repair are capabilities that have helped us earn an outstanding reputation, and have brought us much referral business. Your system will be operating at is maximum efficiency, giving you peace of mind with regards to the Fire Marshall, insurance companies and safety in general. Our clients rely on us for all their service and repair needs and after working with Century, they stay with Century. Our commitment to our clients is backed up by rapid response, extensive training and years of experience.

Emergency Service Calls
We stand ready to handle any emergency and pride ourselves on being available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians have the experience and skills needed to immediately identify the problem and make the repairs quickly, providing you with the minimum of down-time and expense.