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When it comes to fire protection and fire sprinkler systems, Century Fire, Inc. has established a strong reputation as a leader in the fire protection industry and one of the best companies to work with in South Florida. Our services include consultation, service & repair, inspection, design and installation.

We offer capabilities and experience with every type of fire sprinkler and special hazard suppression system. From repair or relocation of an existing sprinkler head, to design and installation of a fire sprinkler system in a new construction, Century Fire is the smart business choice. Let us demonstrate why. Give us the opportunity to serve you with any of the following systems:

Fire Sprinkler Suppression Systems & Services

  • Wet and Dry
  • Pre-action
  • Fire Sprinkler Suppression Systems (ESFR)
  • Deluge & In-Rack
  • Fire Pump & Backflow Installations, Inspections & Repairs
  • Underground
  • Renovation of Existing & New Installation

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